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HTML Training Institute in Pune  With Internship & Placement

HTML and CSS are the two main pillars of web design & development, they are used to generate web pages you see every day. HTML gives structure to your web page and CSS provides them the style to view better. If you want to become a front-end web developer or web designer, then a good knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must. HTML and CSS are the two most supreme languages for a new web developer to pursue. They are also the easiest and most basic. If you are interested in how to build web pages but have limited experience with coding, this course will help you learn HTML and CSS quickly and easily! we at Online Biz Digital School Promise to take you from beginner to Professional!
In this course, you will learn how to develop your very own website! We take one on one approach to ensure each student receives a valuable learning experience.
The course focuses on having you start to learn to write code and understand the fundamentals of coding. By the end of this Diploma course, you will completely be able to use HTML and CSS and become a professional!
When something new about HTML and CSS is updated, we add it to the course -at no additional cost for you!

Course Features

In this course, you’ll learn to display content on the web with HTML, leveraging aspects of front-end web development. Next, you’ll uncover how to use Cascading Style Sheets and explore styling and designing the web pages. Finally, you’ll unwrap how to make the web pages interactive and responsive.
When you’re finished with this course from Online Biz Digital School, you’ll have all the basic to advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS that will assist you to take your web development and designing skills to the professional level.
• Acquire skills to design complex layouts & organize CSS for large applications.
• Explore & build real-world projects & get work-ready.
• Experience immersive learning with guided hands-on exercises & more.
• On-demand, self-paced learning anytime.

Course Benefits

The benefit of joining HTML & CSS is that it gives you the potential to create and design your ideas on a “webpage”. Without having proper knowledge of these languages you will be limited in using site builders or you will not be able to become a professional web designer or developer.
As a web designer or developer, it is extremely worthwhile and beneficial to have an idea and then being able to create it from the scratch.
• Building your own landing pages, the way you want it
• Easy to Learn, Powerful to Have
• Gaining the ability to analyze the Working of other websites
• Huge job availability
• You'll be more confident, and might end up becoming a professional

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