Bootstrap courses in Pune with Placement Assistance With Internship & Placement

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Bootstrap courses in Pune with Placement Assistance  With Internship & Placement

Bootstrap is an open-source, front-end framework that applies CSS and HTML rooted design. It's a most popular and simplified framework that analyzes itself with front-end applications only, involving topography, forms, interface components, & javascript plugins.
The Bootstrap Course from Online Biz Digital School allows students/learners to build websites that automatically contemplate each end user’s screen resolution, device size, and viewing experience with the use of responsive web design methodologies. This course will help students in building responsive sites using CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and JavaScript.
Learning Bootstrap gives you a competitive edge and makes designing an entire lot less time-intensive. Bootstrap is well maintained and cuts down the time you need for building your own CSS libraries. If you build across multiple sites, you will not need to worry about compatibility or features transferring. The framework handles it for you.
The Bootstrap framework allows you to create responsive mobile-first projects using a longtime and well-documented framework with common builder tools like Javascript, PHP, and Python. With something as simple as SASS, HTML elements, Div Classes, and custom CSS files, you'll cut your development time in half and still build projects that stand out without risking failure across platforms.

Course Features

This course helps students to build familiarity with the core features & functionalities of Bootstrap and learn the art of building mobile-first and responsive websites.
When you’re done with this course from Online Biz Digital School, you’ll have all the basic to advanced knowledge of Bootstrap that will assist you to take your web development and designing skills to the professional level.
• Acquire skills to design complex layouts & large applications.
• Explore & build real-world projects & get work-ready.
• Experience immersive learning with guided hands-on exercises & more.
• On-demand, self-paced learning anytime.

Course Benefits

• Perceive and understand the benefits of using a component CSS framework.
• Know the advantages and benefits of reusability in design and development
• How grid works and how to use them in mobile and responsive design
• Obtain an introduction to compiled CSS with LESS
• How to work with 3rd party components and elements
• Integrate and develop in existing web projects for fast development
• Learn what other web tools use Bootstrap

Topics Covered

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